Кровавые сёстры / Blodsøstre / Blood sisters. 2006.

Драматичная короткометражка студентки второкурсницы, неторопливое скандинавское повествоваение о двух девчушках-подружках. Любовь и ревность, злоба и ненависть - весь спектр чувств в изящном видеоряде не оставляет равнодушным...
"Blood Sisters", Danish filmmaker Louise Friedberg's sophomore short film, is the kind of flick that you simply can't take your eyes off of. It's a relatively simple story that has been played out time and time again: a young girl feels threatened by her best friend's new friend/neighbour, jealousy brews, and tempers flare.
A slow but steady pace brings to mind late 20th century minimalist music, creeping along with perseverance and contemplative awe. The aura is distinctly Scandinavian: simultaneously chilly and warm, dominated by icy whites, whimsical laces and the splash of blood red. But what makes Friedberg's film resonate so loudly is how straight she plays archetype. There is no homage, no winking at the audience. Just bravura filmmaking that pulses with beauty, tension and breathtaking performances.
Режиссёр: Louise Friedberg / Луиза Фрайдберг.
В ролях: Malou Z. Bruun, Angela Bundalovic, Liv Corfixen, Clara Bruun Sandbye.
Дания, 2006.
Язык: датский, без перевода.
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