Потерянная любовь / O ztracené lásce / Love Lost. 2001.

Вторая серия Чешского девятисерийного фэнтезийного сериала о приключениях одной юной дамы в царстве зла и мрака в поисках своей потерянной любви и её непримиримой борьбе со злом и несправедливостью во всём мире. Очень напоминает наши старые фильмы из серии "В гостях у сказки", но более креативно.
The nine-part fairy tale serial narrates a dramatic, emotional story about a girl living in a world full of envy, anger and hatred. Though unloved and scorned, the girl sets out on a struggle against evil in order to free a prince held in prison, although her fate puts the hardest obstacles in her way. She often finds herself in mortal danger both in the human world and in the realm of fairy tales while sacrificing herself for others. In the end she finds out that „her prince“ has always been nearby. The real-life story is interwoven with uncommon fairy tale elements and fantasy figures. The fairy tale characters and the factual background create genuine artistic scenery, an integral part of the final form of the story. The extraordinary cast with many outstanding Czech, Slovak and Polish actors promises viewer success for this serial.
Режиссер: Viktor Polesny / Виктор Полесны.
В ролях: Danica Jurиovб, Zlata Adamovskб, Svatopluk Skopal, Simona Staљovб, Vladimнr Dlouhэ, Jan Vlasбk, Hana Gregorovб, Miroslav Hruљka, Jana Janмkovб, Arnoљt Goldflam, Michal Sieczkowski, Alena Sasнnovб, Jiшina Bohdalovб.
Чехия, 2001.
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