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Сборники короткометражек / Shorts.

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Cборник короткометражек, часть 51 / Shorts-51.

Очередной сборник короткометражек за номером 51 готов к просмотру, он состоит из шести минифильмов разных стран, в основном свежих. Все короткометражки в высоком качестве 1280x720 HD.
The next issue of the collection of shorts for number 51 is ready for viewing, it consists of six mini-films of different countries, mostly fresh ones. All shorts in high quality 1280x720 HD.
1. Aire / Air.
Alma is in love with her best girlfriend. In the midst of her sexual awakening, she experiences new sensations that bring pleasure as well as disappointment.
Director: Kami García.
Mexico. 2015.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
2. Malva.
Director: Lucero Sánchez Novaro.
Mexico, 2014.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. Trollungen.
Julia and Tom are ganged up on in school. They try to stand up for each other but because of the circumstance they have it difficult to meet as friends. And comes there a time when it's too late for trying?
Director: Lina Lindblom.
Sweden, 2010.
Language: Swedish.
1280x720 HD
4. The Lipstick Stain.
A young girl tries to connect with her estranged father who runs the town's local funeral home.
Director: Dagny Looper.
USA, 2014.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Le plongeon / The Dive.
Having just turned thirteen, Leo sets himself a personal challenge and decides to jump off the highest diving board. As he waits his turn amongst adults, he looks back on the childhood he is leaving behind and his dive takes on a deeper meaning.
"THE DIVE (Le Plongeon)" is a short-film about the struggle of becoming a teenager. Told through the everyday actions of the crowd in the pool, with virtually no speech, Leo’s story slowly emerges.
Director: Delphine Le Courtois.
France, 2014.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
6. Distance.
On the edge of growing up and playing on the literal edge of Denmark, 10 year old Emma will do anything to prove to her father that she is her own person.
Director: Rikke Louise Schjødt
Denmark, USA, 2016.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 52 / Shorts-52.

Новый сборник короткометражек за номером 52, он состоит из пяти минифильмов разных стран и времён.
The new issue of the collection of shorts for number 52 is ready, it consists of five mini-films of different countries and times.
1. Balavica / Little Darling. 2013.
CR. Vrh nebodera, dvoje djece na krovu svijeta s pogledom na more. On je Tom Sawyer, a ona Alica u zemlji čuda, hodaju po rubu krova i rade sve što se ne smije. Tog vrućeg ljeta, kad su je roditelji ostavili da ljetuje kod bake, ona će prvi put osjetiti ljubav.
EN. Two kids at the top of a skyscraper. A view of the sea. He is Tom Sawyer and she is Alice in Wonderland. They walk along the edge of the roof, doing everything they’re not supposed to. In that hot summer, left under the care of her grandma, she will feel love for the first time.
Director: Igor Mirkovic.
Cast: Djana Gudelj, Marko Boljat, Slavica Jukic, Petra Barbaric, Nika Petrovic, Franko Jakovcevic.
Croatia, 2013.
Language: Croatian.
2. Boy. 2015.
After a fatal bicycle accident, twelve-year-old Jacob moves through the world as a ghost. Unseen and unheard, he trails his classmate Daniel home from school. As the ghost boy watches, an image of a grief-stricken family slowly begins to take shape.
Director: Connor Jessup.
Cast: Kyle Hentschel, Joanne Kelly, George McFarlane, Lauren Piech, Eric Sorensen.
Canada, 2015.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. Katar. 1984.
Polish experimental short, very strange and not clear about what.
Director: Hieronim Neumann.
Poland, 1984.
4. Kevin Alec. 1977.
Shares the life of Kevin Alec of the Fountain Reserve near Lilloet, British Columbia. In addition to school learning, Kevin is also mastering some of the traditional skills of his own people.
Director: Beverly Shaffer.
Canada, National Film Board of Canada, 1977.
5. The Children of Fogo Island. 1967.
This short film from Colin Low presents the problems faced by the people of Fogo Island, Newfoundland and what keeps them committed to the land. Witness some of the magic of the island, as seen through the eyes of children, and understand why its inhabitants cling to its shores.
Director: Colin Low.
Canada, 1967.
Language: English.
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 53 / Shorts-53.

Очередной, за номером 53, сборник короткометражек со всего мира, лучшие минифильмы за последние 50 лет. Сегодня в антологии представлены 9 фильмов.
Next, at number 53, a collection of shorts from around the world, the best mini-films in the last 50 years. Today in the anthology of short films there are 9 films.
1. The Boy in the Water. 2011.
A lonely young girl, Pandora, turns on the bath taps to drown out the noise of her parents arguing. But when she looks into down into the bath tub, a world of make believe is unveiled.
Director: Sophie Boyce.
Cast: Cassie Bunton, Samuel McKone, Phillip Gormley.
UK, 2011.
Language: English
2. Strafstoß. 2007.
Der zehnjährige Ulli bekommt von seinem älteren, kleinkriminellen Bruder Kai einen Fußball zum Geburtstag geschenkt. Kai behauptet, den Ball habe der Nationalspielers David Odonkor signiert. Dann fliegt der Ball über die hohe Mauer in den Hof eines Gefängnisses. Ulli setzt mutig alle Hebel in Bewegung, um ihn zurückzuholen. Auf abenteuerliche Weise kommt er wieder zu seinem Ball.
Director: Till Endemann.
Cast: David Krstic, Philipp Quest, Axel Häfner, Fardad Bagherzadeh Hasseini.
Germany, 2007.
Language: German.
3. Una muerte menor. 2007.
A boy is killed on the street. Before our eyes it grows, it reproduces, it wins and it dies, showing itself a fantasy of what it will never achieve in an instant before dying.
Director: Paulina Castellanos.
Cast: Ruth Sánchez, Ana Jiménez, Juan Diego Vega, Manuel Enrique Herreros.
Mexico, Spain, 2007.
Language: Spanish.
4. Födelsedagar och andra katastrofer. 2000.
Alice and her sister Moa live in a dysfunctional family. Their father Olle is an alcoholic and their mother Kerstin cannot handle the situation. At Alice's birthday Olle hasn't bought any present to his daughter. Although he is drunk, he takes her on a ride in his car, to buy her a dog. In a turn he crashes into a garden and hurts a man with his car. He and Alice run away from the accident in the car. Alice promises not to tell anybody about what has happened. When things are getting worse in the family, Alice decides to find the man in the garden and tell him that it is her father who hurt him.
Director: Lisa Siwe.
Cast: Johanna Björnæs, Peter Brottman, Simona Ericsson, Göran Forsmark, Sissela Kyle.
Sweden, 2000.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English.
5. Parent to Child About Sex. 1966.
This instructional film teaches parents how to talk to their children about sex.
Cast: Mary Calderone, Tommy N. Evans, Stuart M. Finch.
USA, 1966.
Language: English.
6. Der Aufreißer. 2006.
This German language Indie Film is about a man who awakens in a woman's apartment being questioned by her Pre-teen daughter regarding his intentions towards her mother. The ensuing very uncomfortable confrontation and question and answer sessions between the very resourceful daughter and this increasingly eager to leave good looking Casanova become the centerpiece of this very clever short film which should serve as a warning to everyone seeking one night stands!
Director: Steffen Weinert.
Cast: Steffen Groth, Chantal Hourticolon, Nina Weniger.
Germany, 2006.
Language: German.
7. À mains nues. 2005.
Laeti is a twelve-year-old. Not a little girl any longer. Her body is changing and she is beginning to look at the bodies of others with different eyes. She loves touching with bare hands. And being touched.
Director: Agnès Feuvre.
Cast: Anne-Charlotte Sanciaume, Jules Pons, Jeanne Boesch, Vanessa Maitron.
France, 2005.
Language: French.
8. Der Fremde. 2004.
Ein Mann lebt in seiner eigenen Welt, diesich für ihn nur durch Zahlen erschließt.
In seiner Welt erhalten auch absurde Zusammenhänge und Beziehungen ihren Sinn durch entsprechende Zahlenkombintionen. Aber in der sogenannte realen Welt bleibt dieser Mann ein Fremder.
Director: Xavier Ballester.
Cast: Murat Yeginer, Cem Yeginer, Stephanie Baak, Reimer Hoffmann, Bettina Römer Antje Tietken.
Germany, 2004.
Language: German.
9. Oh! Toumei ningen / Oh! Invisible Man. 2010.
Based on a legendary Japanese charismatic comic! "Oh! Invisible Man" of the sexy comedy has been miraculously adapted to the screen again! ! Gene of salmon roe has been passed on the daughter from her father, and now both of them have the ability to be invisible... The hilarious comedy has been back!
Director: Masakazu Migita.
Cast: Mitsuko Hoshi, Kôichi Ikari, Yoshifumi Ikeda, Haruna Ito, Yû Kawana, Meme.
Japan, 2010.
Language: Japanese.
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 54 / Shorts-54.

Очередной, и дай Босх не последний, 54-ий сборник короткометражек со всего мира, самое интересное из области короткого метра. Сегодня в антологии представлены 7 фильмов, как игровых, так и документальных.
Next, the 54th issue of a collection of shorts from around the world, the most interesting from the area of the short meter. Today in the anthology there are 7 films, feature and documentaries films.
1. Behind the Window. 2011.
A 10-year-old Lebanese boy yearns to get his hands on a second-hand video camera so that he can record a love letter to the older woman who teaches violin in his neighborhood. Watch the lengths he'll go to in quest of his love
Director: Nagham Abboud.
Cast: Ahmad Hajir, Romy Melhem, Kamil El-Masri, Muhammad Sakka.
Lebanon, 2011.
Language: Arabic.
Subtitles: English.
2. Vakáció. 2011.
Dani is home alone during a school holiday. His mother has left him a note, outlining the chores she expects him to do for the day; laundry, cleaning his room, doing the dishes, etc. Not much of a holiday.
Director: Brigitta Bacskai.
Cast: Barnabás Botond Nagy.
Hungary, 2011.
Language: Hungarian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. Sotto il mio giardino. 2007.
Marco, a 10-year old boy who has a passion for insects, is convinced that his neighbor has killed his wife and has buried her under his garden, the evidence being a large ant-nest he has been carefully examining for a while. He thus decides to carry out some investigations; he only reveals his thoughts to his little friend, Sara.
Director: Andrea Lodovichetti.
Cast: Stefano Bottone, Alessandra Pellegrino, Massimiliano Amato, Katarzyna Zurakowska.
Italy, 2007.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English.
Bonus: "Making Of".
4. Sparsh / The Touch. 2017.
This story is based on child molestation. How one mistake of a man, spoils his family life?
Director: Manish Khandelwal, Vijoy Saurrav.
Cast: Akhil Mishra, Sarangi Soni, Akaash Gupta, Sameer Ansari.
India, 2017.
5. Помоги мне в пути... / Pomogi mne v puti... / Help me on the way. 2018.
Фильм-клип по мотивам пролога к роману В.Крапивина "Кораблики, или «Помоги мне в пути…»". Содержание пролога: 1950-й год, у Петьки Викулова по прозвищу Патефон погибла мама, он живет у тетки. Однажды он находит оклад от иконы и прячет, так как когда-то у мамы тоже была икона. За это его выгоняют из пионеров. Он решает бежать к отцу, о котором, впрочем, ничего не знает. А еще он поет в хоре Дома пионеров, солист, его коронная песня - песня Джима из "Острова сокровищ". Когда выгоняют из пионеров, он отказывается от хора, но его уговаривают выступить последний раз. Он решает выступить на прощанье и бежать...
Film clip based on the prologue to V.Krapivin's novel "Boats, or" Help me on the way... "".
Director: Daniel Anderson.
Cast: Nikita Tabunshchik, Timofey Kamzolov, Vanya Derevianko, Pasha Kozakov, Vanya Khvostov.
Russia, 2018.
Language: Russian.
1280x720 HD
6. Goldi / Gull Pian. 1988.
DE. Evas Mutter liegt im Krankenhaus. Deshalb muss das Mädchen, das viel lieber auf den Namen Goldi hört, solange bei ihrer Tante Greta und deren Tochter Berit bleiben. Neben Tante Greta gibt es noch Tante Esther, die zu Besuch aus Amerika gekommen ist. Die beiden Tanten und Berit machen Eva das Leben schwer. Doch eines Tages hat Goldi endlich den Mut, sich für die schlechte Behandlung zu revanchieren.
EN. A touching tale about a little girl (Eva), her mean cousin (Berit) and her uncaring aunts. Eva's mother is in the hospital and might not make it, and her aunt's aren't exactly making it easy for her. Add the cruelty of her cousin, and you've got an interesting story about how a little girl fights injustice in her own special way.
Director: Staffan Götestam.
Writers: Astrid Lindgren.
Cast: Zara Zetterqvist, Hanna Alström, Ewa Roos, Cecilia Haglund, Mats Bergman.
Sweden, 1988.
Language: German.
7. Growing Up: A New Approach to Sex Education, No. 1. 1971.
Growing Up is a sex education film for schools, 23 minutes in length, first shown in April 1971, which was made by Dr Martin Cole. It is now available as part of The Joy of Sex Education DVD and was described by one critic as "the most famous and controversial inclusion", and by Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian as the "undoubted masterpiece of this double-DVD set".
At the time of its release it was said to be "the most explicit and frank film ever made for use in schools", and attracted condemnation by Mary Whitehouse, Lord Longford, Margaret Thatcher and members of the Women's Liberation Movement who all, excepting Thatcher, attended the first public screening. Made two years before its earliest public showing, Cole though soon regretted a traditionalist description of gender roles in the film's opening commentary. The function of women was described as "giving birth to children", while it claimed men were "better at giving birth to ideas", a sequence which the Women's Liberation Movement objected to. There was a version of the film shown to Aston University students earlier for feedback prior to the final version being released. It features scenes rather than drawings of naked people, which included intercourse and masturbation. Teachers and pupils gave it positive feedback, but the absence of a discussion of venereal disease (VD) was noted by sympathetic reviewers.
The film triggered a national controversy;"Educationally speaking, it is a rotten film", Whitehouse said after viewing the film, "which makes children no more than animals." Margaret Thatcher, then secretary of state for education who had sent an advisor to view the film, told the House of Commons on 21 April that she was "very perturbed" at the thought of the film being shown in schools and suggested local education authorities consider it "with extreme caution".
After insisting on a screening, the education authority in Birmingham, where Cole lived, banned the film from being shown in the city's schools. There is no record of the film being shown to school children anywhere by the end of 1971, although it was shown to students at Oxford University.
Director: Arnold L. Miller.
Writer: Martin Cole.
Cast: Martin Cole (Narrator).
UK, 1971.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
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Correo de guerra. 1972.

Странный испанский короткометражный фильм "Военная почта", одна из первых работ в кино известного режиссёра Аугусто Мартинес Торреса. Не знаю о чём фильм, что хотел сказать автор этим креативом, но посмтреть стоит.
Strange Spanish short film "Military Mail", one of the first works in the cinema of the famous director Augusto Martínez Torres. I do not know what the film is about, what the author wanted to say with this creative, but it's worth looking at.
Director: Augusto Martínez Torres.
Cast: Laura Bayonas, Lola Salvador, Cecilia Bayonas.
Spain, 1972.
Language: Spanish.
1024x576 HD
Download Correo de guerra. 1972:
https://file.al/13kgcdrfm6qw/Correo-de- … 2.rar.html




Cборник короткометражек, часть 55 / Shorts-55.

Необычный, за номером 55, сборник короткометражек со всего мира. На сей раз 10 старых и раритетных документальных фильмов о самых экзотичных местах Земного шара.
Unusual, the 55th issue of a collection of short films from around the world. This time 10 old and rare documentaries about the most exotic places of the globe.
1. Fairest Eden - American Samoa Pago Pago. 1931.
2. Belles of the South Seas.
3. Tejakula. 1926.
4. Charlie Chaplin original home movies. Java Bali, 1932.
5. Bali. 1910.
6. Camp "EMERALD BAY". Catalina Island. 1939.
7. 教室の子供たち / Children in the Classroom.
Director: Susumu Hani.
Japan, 1955.
8. 絵を描く子供たち / Children Who Draw.
Director: Susumu Hani.
Japan, 1956.
9. Camp Mowglis for Boys in NH.
Established in 1903.
10. A documentary about the children's program in Finland (fragment).
To be continued...
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Jeheka a Jasy Jatere. 2011.

Director: Ricardo Elizabeh.
Download Jeheka a Jasy Jatere:
https://file.al/gscllt4toqtg/Jeheka-a-J … e.rar.html




Thirteen Blue. 2013.

Эстетская греческая короткометражка про юную Элли и её лето полное неведомых ранее переживаний...
‘Thirteen Blue’ is an impressionist portrait of Ellie, a lonely only child. This summer, instead of diving in the sea, she dives into her first existential worry. In the meantime, their family friend has left to give birth in the water. Ellie finds herself changing both internally and externally. Ellie will break free.
Director: Jacqueline Lentzou.
Cast: Emmanuela Lia, Emmanuela Sfyridi, Ifigeneia Deligiannidi, Yannis Karamfilis, Pavlos Mironidis, Melina Vamvaka.
Greece, UK, 2013.
Language: Greek.
1280x720 HD
Download Thirteen Blue. 2013:
https://file.al/eu3gsl63y0bz/Thirteen-B … 3.rar.html




La ritirata / Retreating. 2009.

Итальянская короткометражка, военная драма о 13-летней Розе. На дворе война и ей, вместе с младшими братом и сестрой, нужно как то выживать в отсутствии родителей. Она умеет любить и заботиться, у неё есть тайная любовь к которой она ежедневно бегает под палящим солнцем и его жизнь зависит только от неё. Но кто то за ней проследил...
IT. Rosa ha tredici anni.
Ha due fratelli più piccoli Lucia e Dumì.
Ha due genitori che al momento sono assenti.
Ha un compito giornaliero da sbrigare che la madre ha affidato loro.
Questo lo sanno tutti, a partire dai nonni ai quali i fratelli sono stati affidati.
Ma Rosa ha un amore di cui prendersi cura, da proteggere ad ogni costo e questo lo sa solo lei.
Un grande amore, speciale e pericoloso.
Rosa corre, corre a perdifiato attraverso i campi, ogni giorno lo stesso tragitto, sotto il sole cocente, per raggiungere il suo amore, anche solo per poche ore.
Da lei dipende la sua sopravvivenza.
Ma qualcuno la spia e Rosa è costretta ad un gesto estremo.
Lei per salvare lui.
Lui per non compromettere lei.
Nel mondo e tutt’ intorno, la seconda guerra mondiale.
EN. Rosa is thirteen. She has a younger sister, Lucia, and a younger brother, Dumì. At the time of the story her parents are away. She has a daily chore her mother gave her and that everybody knows about, especially her grandparents, to whom she and her brothers have been left. Rosa has a big love that she has to take care of, that she has to protect at any cost, and she is the only one to know about it. It is a love that is special and dangerous. Rosa races through the fields, every day the same path underneath a scorching sun, to reach and stay with her love, even if only for a few hours. His survival depends on her. But someone has been spying on her and she is forced to commit an extreme gesture to save her love. And he has to do the same not to compromise her. World war two is around them and in the rest of the world.
Director: Elisabetta Bernardini.
Cast: Valery Usai, Julian Siravo, Romano Talevi, Federica Dezi, Leonardo Caneva, Patrizio Cigliano, Gabriele Tuccimei.
Italy, 2009.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Mishka. 2017.

Свежая канадская короткометражка про 13-летнюю Мишку которая залетела и отчаянно пытается вернуться в детство...
Misha tells the story of a conflicted 13-year-old and her grim secrets. In the face of an unsettling reality, Mishka makes an alarming decision in a desperate attempt to revert her childhood self.
Director: Cleo Tellier.
Cast: Matia Jackett, Ray Galletti, Devyn Nekoda, Kiki Hammill, Nicolas Ballarini, Alexandra Bacci, Katie Uhlmann, Hershel Blatt, Austin Macdonald.
Canada, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
Download Mishka. 2017:




Cборник короткометражек, часть 56 / Shorts-56.

Продолжение антологии лучших короткометражных фильмов мира, 56-й выпуск сборника короткометражек выходит в свет. Сегодня не будет никакой информации о содержании минифильмов ибо их нынче много, целых 13 штук, и мне просто лень, но здесь есть на что посмотреть)).
Continuation of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 56th issue of the collection of shorts is published. Today there will be no information about the content of mini-films for there are a lot of them today, as many as 13 pieces, and I'm just too lazy, but here there is something to see)).
1. Zabawka. 2013.
2. Ezequiel y la galga María. 2014.
3. Lila. 2015.
4. Pierwsze. 2015.
5. Короткий роман о любви / Korotkiy roman o lyubvi / A short love story. 2018.
6. Suspended. 2012.
7. Daniël. 2012.
8. Quiero. 2012.
9. Eclipse. 2014.
10. Marc Jacobs. 2014.
11. Boy. 2004.
12. Bubeník Cerveného kríza / The Little Drummer. 1977.
13. Top 10 Youngest Moms Of All Time. (Documentary).
To be continued...
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Tomer en Elias. 2016.

Забавная нидерландская короткометражка "Томер и Элиас" по одноимённой книге Маартье Вортель. Семья Свена как бы распалась на пары, включая Свена и его старшего брата Алекса. После появления по соседству двух новых мальчиков, Томера и Элиаса, Алексу начинает казаться, что Свен может отдалиться от него. Он пытается удержать брата подсмотренными у родителей методами...
NL. Het verhaal gaat over een 10-jarige jongen Sven en zijn familie. Sven heeft een grote familie die alleen maar uit duo's bestaat: zijn vader en moeder, de tweeling en hijzelf en zijn oudere broer Alex. Alex en Sven hebben een sterke band en Sven kijkt enorm tegen zijn broer op. Daarnaast is
er nog een baby, die door grote broer Alex 'het monster' wordt genoemd en het enige individu is van de familie.
Op een dag komt er een nieuw gezin tegenover hen wonen. Dit nieuwe gezin bestaat juist alleen maar uit individuen: Tomer, Elias en de 'moeder van Tomer en Elias'.
Na de komst van de nieuwe buren verandert er iets in de familie. Moeder denkt dat vader de nieuwe buurvrouw wel interessant vindt. Maar wanneer Sven en Alex in bed liggen horen ze, vanwege het gehorige huis, wat ze wel vaker horen in de avond. "Wacht maar af, kunnen we lachen." zegt Alex tegen zijn broer. Maar weet Sven eigenlijk wel wat seks is?
Alex, de oudere broer van Sven, vindt de nieuwe buren maar niks. Sven is het hier niet mee eens maar laat dit niet aan zijn grotere broer zien. Beide zijn ze erg gehecht aan hun goede relatie, zij twee tegen de wereld. Maar Sven vindt Tomer wel interessant. Hij wil Alex niet kwijt, hij wil niet
anders zijn dan de rest maar stiekem wil hij ook wat nieuws. Alex merkt dit en wil zijn broer niet kwijt. Dan komt Alex met een idee: wat zijn ouders doen kunnen zij ook. Om bij elkaar te blijven.
EN. Coming of age film about Sven, a boy who feels trapped in his own family which only consists of duos. His brother Alex in return tries to keep Sven by his side through the same methods his parents use.
Director: Cleo Julia Mullis.
Writers: Cleo Julia Mullis, Maartje Wortel (book).
Cast: Noah de Kruijf, Mingus Claessen, Catalijn Willemsen, Thomas Bijsterbosch, Joost Huisman, Kagiso Kasper, Daniëlle van de Ven, Joep Spruijt, Pien Spruijt.
Netherlands, 2016.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
1920x1080 HD
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 57 / Shorts-57.

Продолжение антологии лучших короткометражных фильмов мира, 57-й выпуск сборника короткометражек готов к просмотру. Сегодня в основном новые фильмы в высоком качестве, ровно 9 щтук.
Continuation of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 57th issue of the collection of short films is ready for viewing. Today, mostly new films in high quality, exactly 9 pieces.
1. Laps. 2018.
"LAPS" is an Anti-Bullying Short Film centering around a talented young swimmer who is being bullied by some older boys on his team when they recognize his talent. Out of jealousy, the older boys antagonize him until he can't take it anymore. When he finally gets the chance to exact his revenge, he begins to think twice about the consequences of his actions and if it will really put an end to the difficult situation. A heartfelt and honest tale of a boy overcoming adversity, LAPS is a film that families and children of all ages can enjoy.
Director: Ian Lang.
Cast: Brayden Benson, Hunter Wayne Pratt, Cameron Judd, Ian Lang.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1280x546 HD
2. Pee Shy. 2004.
A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader's campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader's vicious humor....until the troop encounters something truly terrifying in the woods.
Director: Deb Hagan.
Cast: Pat Finn, Nick Offerman, Lucas Till, Blake Neitzel, Kyle Kaplan.
USA, 2004.
Language: English.
3. Встреча или Последняя стадия эволюции / Vstrecha ili Poslednyaya stadiya evolyutsii. 2009.
Satirical film about the excessive passion of modern schoolchildren mobile phones.
Directors: Nikolay Svobodin, Anton Svobodin.
Cast: Kirill Kostin, Semen Buchi.
Russia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
4. Penfield. 2011.
Is Penfield a place? No, no such place exists. A person then? No. There is no such person.- Is it perhaps a sensation?... Something like irritation in a member that already does not exist.
Director: Isabel de Ayguavives.
Cast: Sonia Madrid, Miriam Martín.
Spain, 2011.
Language: Spanish.
1368x768 HD
5. Moth. 2004.
Tommy is an unhappy seven year old boy who is still grieving for the death of his father, whilst battling with his new stepfather. When a moth dies in the palm of his hand he is fascinated by the residue it leaves behind - "magic dust, that helps the moths to fly" his mother tells him. Tommy becomes obsessed with moths, seeing them as the only way to escape from the conflict around and within him.
Director: Simon Corris.
Cast: Joseph Friend, Julia Ford, Brett Fancy, Thomas Grant.
UK, 2004.
Language: English.
6. Звездной ночью осенней / Zvezdnoy nochyu osenney. 2018.
Fantasy on a poem by Vladislav Krapivin. The music for this movie clip was written by Vladislav Kruglov.
Director: Andrey Borodin.
Cast: Maksim Praslov, Pavel Ognev.
Russia, 2018.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
7. Кадетский вальс / Kadetskiy vals. 2018.
Fantasy on books and poems by Vladislav Krapivin on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
Director: Daniel Anderson.
Cast: Pasha Kozakov, Maksim Praslov, Timofey Kamzolov, Misha Ditkovskiy, Vanya Derevyanko, Sasha Dudnikov, Timofey Konev, German Melikhov, Pavel Ognev, Pavel Slabov.
Russia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
8. Fauve. 2018.
Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer...
Director: Jeremy Comte.
Cast: Louise Bombardier, Félix Grenier, Alexandre Perreault.
Canada, 2018.
Language: French.
2048x858 HD
9. Son of Samila. 2016.
New York-based French director Charlotte Rabate talks about her short, shot along the shores of Thailand: “It started with a location and a mermaid statue. We wanted to tell the story of a 12-year-old boy in a fishing village, abandoned by his mother at a very young age. The people of the village would tell him tales of a mermaid, who had no choice but to abandon her son. Once we arrived on location, we connected instantly with Man, a boy who had a story very close to our vision. Son of Samila became a hybrid film, a mix between fiction and reality, just like our character’s world.”
Director: Charlotte Rabate.
Cast: Panumas Mingmueng, Suriya Sahakaro, Somsri Tochanok, Prajoub Teebjeerngkul, Paphawee Yingtaweesuk.
USA, Thailand, 2016.
Language: Thai.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 58 / Shorts-58.

Самый новый выпуск антологии лучших короткометражных фильмов мира номер 58 готов к просмотру. Сегодня в основном новые фильмы в высоком качестве, ровно 8 штук.
latest release of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 58th issue of the collection of short films is ready for viewing. Today, mostly new films in high quality, exactly 8 minifilms.
1. A Gold Star Kid. 2017.
9 years old Matt is finding a 20 euro bill on the pavement. Matt is seeing a soldier in the restaurant which reminds his late father who was a soldier, and he changes his mind to pay it forward that 20 euro bill by the memory of his father.
Director: Reshan Fernando.
Cast: Nils Bento-Connault, Rachid Oumakhlouf.
France, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x800 HD
2. Я или R / Ya ili R. 2018.
Two girls in summer camp exchanged bodies...
Director: Maksim Trapo.
Cast: Yekaterina Rybalkina, Sof'ya Khramova, Roman Kalinin, Liokadiya Tazhiyeva, Evelina Tazhiyeva, Serafima Kazakova, Adelaida Tazhiyeva, Yegor Putin.
Russia, 2018.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
3. Mishko. 2018.
Angel, shy and introvert boy, goes to pick apples for sale with his friend Mishko. But as the day goes by, Angel faces more and more the cruelty of Mishko and his own parents.
Director: Hanis Bagashov.
Cast: Igor Angelov, Verica Nedeska, Tarik Ramadani, Marko Ristovski, Veda Spasovic.
Republic of Macedonia, 2018.
Language: Macedonian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Delfinen / The Dolphin. 2017.
The "Dolphin" begins with Anna leaving her husband in the car to go back to pick up their 7-years old son Robert. The son is very surprised to see her, and Anna takes him on a fantastic journey to the beach to finish the swimming course, the DOLPHIN. They relive a lot of beautiful memories they have gathered from their former trips together. But something is wrong, and only when Anna and Robert swim together in the ocean, Anna has to face reality.
Director: Laurits Munch-Petersen.
Cast: Pernille Andersen, Viktor Andersen, Thure Lindhardt, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Iben Dorner.
Denmark, 2017.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Neon Heartache. 2013.
A young girl goes into her brother's room and tries to make sense of what she finds.
Director: Danielle Lessovitz.
Cast: Sean Dibona, Eden Einhorn.
USA, 2013.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
6. The World in Your Window. 2017.
Eight-year-old Jesse lives in a twilight world of sadness and silence, squeezed into a tiny caravan with his grief stricken father. They're in limbo, existing more than living. The child intuitively understands that looking forward is harder than looking back, and that's where life happens. But they are stuck, until an accidental friendship with a V8 driving Transsexual unlocks the means for Jesse to liberate his father and himself.
Director: Zoe McIntosh.
Cast: Joe Folau, Lena Regan, David Lolofakangalo Rounds.
New Zealand, 2017.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
7. What Are Friends For? 1980.
Two 12-year-old girls going through a divorce make a pact never to divorce their friendship.
Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal.
Cast: Melora Hardin, Dana Hill, Susan Adams, Michael Currie, Sally Kemp.
USA, 1980.
Language: English.
8. Ici, là, en bas. 2008.
Il était une fois un sexe de petite fille à qui l'on avait ordonné de se cacher dans un monde où on ne le nommerait même pas. Ici, là, en bas. Il était une fois une jeune fille amoureuse d'un jeune homme. Cette jeune fille était triste car son sexe s'était caché. Le jeune homme était perdu car celle qu'il aimait se cachait. Le sexe, lui, voulait tant aimer et être aimé, qu'il s'était mis à crier.
Director: Lise Lefèvre.
Cast: Laurie Lefret, Antoine Laurent.
France, 2008.
Language: French.
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Cборник короткометражек, часть 59 / Shorts-59.

Предновогодний, за номером 59, сборник свежих короткометражек со всего мира. Сегодня в антологии представлены 5 минифильмов.
New Year's Eve, number 59 issue of a collection of shorts from around the world. Today in the anthology there are 5 films.
1. Killing the spot. 2001.
Conservas de cerdo. Muñecas. Boleros. Y plástico. Elementos dispares y conjuntados a la vez en la mente de un asesino, Bill. El Dr. Basil, su psiquiatra, intentará, en su última sesión, hilvanar todos estos elementos para comprender las motivaciones que han llevado a Bill al asesinato.
Director: Albert Pérez.
Cast: Juan Márquez, Carlos Lasarte, Quim Bofill, Josefa Rosaler, Mercé Llorens, Ignasi Bosacoma, José María Ponce.
Spain, 2001.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
2. Nadador / The Swimmer. 2013.
ES. Guillermo nunca se atreve a tirarse de cabeza. Pero una noche, cuando la piscina cierre, practicará hasta que lo consiga.
EN. A boy realizes how will his life be in the present and future with or without his crush.
Director: Dani de la Orden.
Cast: Joel Linde, Mireia Vilapuig, Christian Valencia, Laia Barot, Dani de la Orden, Cristina Rodriguez.
Spain, 2013.
Language: Spanish.
3. Sauna. 2018.
An anxious and ungainly teenage boy struggles against bullies, puberty, and his fears of mortality when his parents send him to a summer water polo camp.
Director: Charlie Polinger.
Cast: Alex Rubin, Wayne Baldwin, Zachary Alexander Rice, Mitchell Douglas, Nick Gore, Dylan Darwish, Greg Yoder, Jason A. Faulkner II.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Volta. 2014.
A mother and daughter start out from downtown Athens and head to the northern suburbs of the city. Nina thinks she's going on a walk.
Director: Stella Kyriakopoulos.
Cast: Katerina Douka, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Christina Tsatsou, Giorgos Valais.
Greece, 2014.
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Villdyr / Wild Beasts. 2017.
NO. Midt på vinteren i Nord-Norge, omringet av en vill gjeng med kamerater, blir en ung gutts impulser påvirket av hans tiltrekning mot sin beste venn.
EN. Midwinter in the northern reaches of Norway. A group of kids run riot in the snow - but their mischief exposes a strange tension between two of the boys.
Director: Sverre Kvamme.
Cast: Mads Pettersen, Erlend Antonsen-Meløy, Karoline Marie Røsberg Olsen, Johanne Gjertsen Larsen, Andrea Mørtsell Bjerkeseth, Adrian Lesteberg Solberg.
Norway, 2017.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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