良家妇女 / Liangjia funu / Woman of the Good Family. 1986.

Редкое китайское кино о неравном браке межжду 18-летней девушкой и 8-летним мальчиком. Мы наблюдаем странную историю жития-бытия этой семейной пары. Когда на горизонте появляется взрослый мужик, наша невеста тут же в него влюбляется и трагическая развязка неизбежна...
CN. 解放前夕偏僻的黔北山区农村,一顶花轿将18岁的姑娘杏仙抬进易家寨做童养媳。婆婆五娘只比她大8岁,小丈夫易少伟只有6岁。杏仙的婆婆善良、温和,但脸上少有笑容。杏仙与少伟一家相处融洽,并发现寨子里有不少怪事。农忙季节五娘的娘家.
EN. The film shows a story of struggle between the traditions of arranged marriage and love. Xingxian is a 18 year old girl who finds herself engaged to a 8 year old boy. When a young man her age comes to town, she falls in love. They eventually elope and she become the first girl from her village to break the tradition of arranged marriage.
The phrase Women of the Good Family is used to emphasize that the women is not a hooker. Women are discriminated against in the traditional Confucian teaching already and there was no help in the old Chinese society to help those prostitutes who wanted to get out of the business. The naming of the title of this movie is excellent in that it reflects the cultural introspection that was the hidden theme of this movie.
Director: Jian-zhong Huang.
Cast: Shan Cong, Weixin Zhang, Jiayi Wang, Yan Liang.
China, 1986.
Language: Mandarin.
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