Recommendation for Mercy / Teenage Psycho Killer. 1975.

Канадский художественный фильм основанный на реальных событиях повествует страшную историю о 14-летнем убийце. Его обвиняют в изнасиловании и убийстве 13-летней девочки и несмотря на шаткие доказательства и нарушения в процессе следствия его признают виновным...
Canadian writer/director Murray Markowitz based his film Recommendation for Mercy on a true story. Andrew Skidd plays a teenaged boy accused of raping and murdering a young girl. The flimsy evidence is offered by three of Skidd's buddies and by one of the friends of the dead girl. The boy is strongarmed and drugged by the police who hope to extract a confession. Despite the civil-liberty outrages inflicted upon Skidd, he is found guilty. Recommendation for Mercy does not ask us to forgive the boy his alleged crimes; rather, it is a plea for a reassessment of the treatment afforded Canadian juvenile offenders.
Director: Murray Markowitz.
Cast: Andrew Skidd, Robb Judd, Mike Upmalis, Karen Martin, Michelle Fansett, James Millington, Barry Belchamber, Tom Brennan, Henry Cohen, William K. Koski, Michael Lambert.
Canada, 1975.
Language: English.
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