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Aldri mer 13! / 13 Never Again! 1996.

Aldri mer 13! (13 Never Again!) is a Norwegian film from 1996, directed by Sirin Eide and starring Sofie Cappelen
13-year old Rikke sees Bea, the new girl in her class, as a challenge. After an endurance test to find which of them can lie longer in a circle of flames, they become friends. However, as a result of some unfortunate truths and half-truths, the friendship falters. Rikke feels that Bea has let her down, and resolves to continue the rivalry between them, but now in a less physical, more artful way. In addition we meet Rikke's elder sister Ninni, who has been in England to learn the language, and has had to leave her great love, a man twelve years her senior. The film is also about the problems Rikke encounters in fulfilling the expectations of those around her as she approaches womanhood.
Director: Sirin Eide.
Cast: Sofie Cappelen, Martine Karlsen, Anne Krigsvoll, Svein Roger Karlsen, Lene Bragli, Tonje Louise Kjølholt, Neil Clark, Simen Mosberg, Silje Andresen, Sara Marit Nilsen, Marie Kaada Hovden.
Norway, 1996.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Aldri mer 13! / 13 Never Again! 1996:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1996.html



More alternative links movies get at RareFilmFinder https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/




Le manège de Pauline / Pauline's carousel. 1991.

FR. Pauline vit avec sa mère en banlieue parisienne, à Marnes-la-Vallée dans les immeubles construits par l'architecte Ricardo Boffil. Choix judicieux tant ces décors sont théâtraux.
Pauline ne connaît pas son papa. Non que sa mère soit célibataire, mais son mari n'a fait que passer dans sa vie. Jeanne est une chercheuse. Elle exerce son métier dans un secteur particulièrement délicat, celui de la défense. Huit ans avant que ne débute l'histoire, Jeanne s'est rendue dans un congrès en Tchécoslovaquie. Là, la jeune femme a fait la connaissance d'un jeune savant tchèque. Coup de foudre. Mariage. Mais un beau matin Jeanne se retrouve seule dans l'appartement praguois: Pavel a été emmené pour être incarcéré pour raisons politiques. Quant à Jeanne, enceinte, elle est réexpédiée, sans tambour ni trompette, dans son pays d'origine.....
EN. French TV Movie. Pauline is eight years old and likes to mix dream and reality. She never knew her father, a Czech scholar who once met her mother in Prague. The happiness of her parents was short-lived, because Pavel suddenly disappeared and she was taken to Paris by plane.
Director: Pierre Lary.
Cast: Fanny Cottençon, Alexandre Arbatt, Laura Martel, Eugeniusz Priwieziencew, Jean-Luc Orofino, Isidore Muledi.
France, 1991.
Language: French.
Download Le manège de Pauline / Pauline's carousel. 1991:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … ousel.html




Galitsin Teens Collection. The Guerilla. (Katerina & Valentina).

Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 3 min
File Size : 42 MB
Download The Guerilla:
https://nelion.me/62vwf91o24i0/012-The- … a.rar.html




Anthology of short films. Part 62.

A new issue of the anthology of short films is ready. Today I am very lazy and therefore only the names of films without additional information. So 10 shorts, mostly fresh in HD:
1. MisteRogers' Neighborhood. 1985.
2. Creatures. 2016.
3. Inschallah. 1989.
4. Charlotte Cardin - The Kids. 2018.
5. Kalle och Bollhavet. 2002.
6. Game. 2017.
7. Dr. Zack. 2010.
8. Timmy Slays the Talent Show. 2018.
9. Les jours sans fin / The endless days. 2017.
10. Pool Shark. 2016.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 62:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … rt-62.html




Naš avto / Our Automobile. 1962.

SL. Naš avto je slovenski film iz leta 1962 v režiji Františka Čapa. Scenarij je napisal Čap po predlogi pisatelja Vitomila Zupana. Film, burka na temo avtomobila kot statusnega simbola, je tekom let pridobil status klasike. Kritiki in gledalci ga v času nastanka niso dobro sprejeli. Ob premiernem prikazovanju ga je videlo nekaj več kot 13.000 gledalcev.
Piranski mladenič Pino Vrabec dobi časopisno nagrado za fotografijo. Pri lokalnem časopisu ga sprejmejo za fotoreporterja in Pino se odloči, da si bo z denarjem, ki ga bo dobil za nagrajeno fotografijo, kupil avto. Novica o nenadni sreči Vrabčevih se hitro razširi po Piranu. Poštar prinese nagrado, a namesto pričakovanega premoženja je v kuverti zgolj diploma. Posmeh sosedov Vrabčeve še bolj podžge k nakupu avta. Družina se odpelje v mesto in se pusti pretentati mešetarju, ki jim proda star in hrupen buick. Polomija vse družinske člane stane vedno več. Za plačilo popravil začno razprodajati stvari iz svojega stanovanja, Pino pa zaradi nenehne skrbi zanemarja svoje dekle. Naposled jih reši babica, ki se z avtom zaleti in ga uniči. Avto odpeljejo z oslom, Pino in njegova prijateljica pa sta spet srečna: odslej se vozita s kolesom.
EN. A photographer decides to buy a car with the money he'll get for his prizewinning photo, but the postman brings only a diploma instead of money. Being subjected to the ridicule of their neighbors, his family decides to buy an used Buick, in spite of being against it at first. That would turn out to be a huge mistake, since the breakdowns are more often that they can afford.
Director: František Čap.
Cast: Ruša Bojc, Metka Bučar, Janez Čuk, Milan Srdoc, Dusan Stefanovic, Sonja Krajsek, Olga Bedjanic, Dusan Puh, Janez Albreht, Slavko Belak, Stefka Drolc, Luce Florentini, Manja Golec, Julij Gustin, Tine Guzelj, Judita Hahn.
Yugoslavia, 1962.
Language: Slovenian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Naš avto / Our Automobile. 1962:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1962.html




Anthology of short films. Part 63.

A new issue of the anthology of short films is ready. Today the collection contains 8 mini-films from different countries and times.
1. Kinobilletten / The Cinema Ticket. 1995.
2. Øresund / Buster. 2012.

Buster is a seriously demanding and frantic child who forces his family and father to seek treatment, to find a cure for his speedy behavior. During treatment conducted by a naturopath the father is taken deeper behind his son's motivations uncovering what seems to be a crucial problem in modern society. One in four children in America are treated with tranquilizing medicine and in Europe leading doctors and child psychiatrists are calling out to bring attention to this increasing problem. How do we deal with frantic children?
Director: Martin Werner.
Cast: Lars Ranthe, Buster Bjørn Werner, Christine Albeck Børge, Uffe Rørbæk Madsen.
Denmark, 2012.
3. Web. 2017.
Three young triplets take matters in to their own hands when a baby rudely interrupts their lives.
Director: Dan Daniel.
UK, 2017.
4. Les enfants de l'histoire. 2016.
C'est la fin du cours de natation. Jules et Noam, 12 ans, ont trainé dans les douches et se retrouvent seuls dans les vestiaires de la piscine.
Director: Aurélien Kouby.
France, 2016.
5. Possum. 1997.
Cast: Martin Taylor, Stephen Papps, Eve-Marie Brandish, Alexia Verdonkschot.
Director: Brad McGann.
In a backwoods cabin, a boy called Little Man lives with his dad (a trapper), his older sister Missy, and his younger sister Kid, who is feral, spends most of her time under the table, and can imitate the sound of any animal. Their mother is dead. One day, while dad's in town selling skins, Missy teases Kid and gets bitten. There's Hell to pay when dad gets home, and Kid runs off into the night to spend it with her animal friends. Little Man, who narrates much of the story as well as his reflections in a whisper, must sort out loss and emptiness.
New Zealand, 1997.
Language: English.
6. Ce qui demeure / All That Remains. 2017.
7. Bloeistraat 11 / Bloomstreet 11. 2018.

Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of childhood amusing themselves around the house. As summer progresses their bodies start to morph and shift and an awkwardness descends on their friendship. Puberty seems determined to interrupt their bond.
Director: Nienke Deutz.
Belgium, Netherlands, 2018.
8. Midtsommernattens skygge. 2011.
It's midsummer, the longest and brightest night of the year. Jon and Line run away from the summer party to hide at their secret place in the forest. The idyll is soon broken, however, when Line has to leave. This will be the last time Jon sees her. New student Truls comes to Jon's school. Will he be able to take Jon's mind off the tragedy?
Director: Stian Einar Forgaard.
Cast: Jon Vågnes Eriksen, Ingrid Philippa Bruun Larsen, Jesper Aarsland Fosdahl, Glenn Andre Kaada.
Norway, 2011.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 63:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … rt-63.html




Czerwone węże. 1983.

"Czerwone węże" są adaptacją znanej i wielokrotnie wznawianej powieści Heleny Boguszewskiej z 1933 roku. Akcja książki i filmu toczy się dwa lata wcześniej w łódzkim osiedlu włókniarzy. Przybywa tutaj dwunastoletnia Władka - córka jednego z górników, strajkujących właśnie na Śląsku. W ramach porozumienia między związkami zawodowymi dziećmi protestujących mają zaopiekować się robotnicy z Łodzi. Władka trafia do rodziny Stańczaków, gdzie spotyka się z życzliwym przyjęciem, zwłaszcza ze strony młodszej części domowników - Adama i Sabki. Dzieci szybko się zaprzyjaźniają, wspólnie chodzą do szkoły, razem przeżywają właściwe swemu wiekowi radości i dramaty. Władka pomaga nawet Stańczakowej dorabiać handlem na bazarze. Jednak pewnego dnia dochodzi do strajku w fabryce Stańczaka. Konflikt między robotnikami i pracodawcami przybiera groźne rozmiary...
Director: Wojciech Fiwek.
Cast: Agnieszka Wielgus, Magdalena Scholl, Adam Probosz, Alicja Jachiewicz, Stefan Szmidt, Zbigniew Bielski, Miroslawa Marcheluk, Zdzislaw Szymanski, Jolanta Koczwara, Ewa Frąckiewicz.
Poland, 1983.
Language: Polish.
Download Czerwone węże. 1983:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1983.html




Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984.

DK. Filmen 'Busters verden' er en børneserie og film fra 1984, og det er forfatteren Bjarne Reuter der har skrevet manus, baseret på hans børnebog af samme navn.
Drengen er søn af en arbejdsløs tryllekunster, og Buster forsøger at bevare sin optimisme, selvom han bliver mobbet af de store drenge på skolen.
Samtidig kæmper han med at beskytte sin handikappet lillesøster for omverdenen, og jobbet som bybud er heller ikke let.
EN. Busters verden (Buster's World) is a Danish children's television series and movie from 1984. Based on a play by Bjarne Reuter, Buster's verden deals with the experiences of young Buster Oregon Mortensen. The television series was a break-through for director Bille August, and the soundtrack also provided a hit for the young singer Nanna Lüders Jensen.
Buster is an aspiring magician battling his status as a geek. Making things more difficult is his small size. This movie chronicles Buster's unique way of dealing with bullies, school, his first job and girls.
Director: Bille August.
Cast: Mads Bugge Andersen, Katarina Stenbeck, Peter Schrøder, Katja Miehe-Renard, Signe Dahl Madsen, Jannie Faurschou, Berthe Qvistgaard, Bent Raahauge Jørgensen, Lillian Tillegreen.
Denmark, 1984.
Language: Danish.
Download Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1984.html




Wenn die prallen Möpse hüpfen / Bedtime Stories for Grownups. 1974.

DE. Wenn die prallen Möpse hüpfen (Verweistitel: Gejodelt wird im Unterhöschen) ist ein deutscher Softsexfilm in fünf Episoden aus dem Jahre 1974 von Ernst Hofbauer.
In der Vorgeschichte eilen Peter und seine neue Freundin, die hübsche Kurzhaarblondine Anja, in eine Wohnung hoch in einem Mietshaus, die einem gewissen Cäsar von Ficker gehört. Beide haben in Windeseile ihre Klamotten abgestreift und sind gerade miteinander zugange, als Anja einen Schrei aus der Wohnung neben ihnen hört, die dem gerade praktizierenden Zahnarzt Dr. Stoss gehört. Peter ist genervt von dieser Unterbrechung, zumal im Hausflur die auf Sitte und Anstand pochende alte Nachbarin lauert. Wieder zurück in der Ficker-Wohnung und in trauter Zweisamkeit beginnt Peter Anja fortan jedes Mal eine erotische Geschichte zu erzählen, wenn man mal wieder von irgendjemandem gestört wird
EN. Peter brings his new girlfriend Anja (Sonja Jeannine) up to C. von Ficker's (i.e. Fucker's) flat, but their tryst is repeatedly disturbed by various events in the building. To calm the jittery Anja, Peter relates a series of erotic stories to put her back in the mood.
Director: Ernst Hofbauer.
Cast: Ulrike Butz, Judith Fritsch, Eva Gross, Sonja Jeannine, Heidi Kappler, Rosl Mayr, Günther Kieslich, Josef Moosholzer, Rinaldo Talamonti.
West Germany. 1974.
Language: German.
Download Wenn die prallen Möpse hüpfen / Bedtime Stories for Grownups. 1974:
https://nelion.me/wsvds34z7qai/Wenn-die … 4.rar.html




パコダテ人 / Pakodate-jin. 2002.

JP. 『パコダテ人』は、2002年4月27日公開の日本映画。2002年2月9日北海道先行上映。札幌テレビ放送(STV)が初めて製作した映画。
函館にある銭湯大正湯の娘・ひかるは、はまなす学園に通う高校一年生。ある朝、彼女のお尻にシッポが生えた。思わぬ事態に、秘かな想いを寄せるクラスメイトの隼人と気まずくなるは、函館スクープの記者・早川に追いかけ回されるはで、大混乱に陥るひかる。しかし、家族の愛に支えられカムアウト。一躍、パコダテ人と呼ばれ時の人となる。がそれも束の間、寄生虫を持っているとの噂を立てられバッシングの対象に。そんな彼女に、遂に政府の調査団が迫る。強制連行されれば、人体実験されるかもしれない!? だが、隼人の活躍によって、シッポの原因が長尾製薬会社の新製品ウルトラシップにあったことが判明。ひかるも家族の元から引き離されずに済むのであった。それから数日後、もう誰からもシッポのことを咎められなくなったひかるは、函館山でデートを楽しんでいた。愛の証として、湿布を貼ってシッポを生やした隼人と一緒に。
EN. A girl of roughly sixteen years grows a tail and, in the process, starts a fashion fad. Yet, how will the government and society react when they learn her tail is really attached?
Director: Tetsu Maeda.
Cast: Aoi Miyazaki, Yô Ôizumi, Masato Hagiwara, Miyuki Matsuda, Yu Tokui, Kazusa Matsuda, Hôka Kinoshita, Erika Mabuchi, Shou Ohkura, Nao Ohmori, Yôji Tanaka, Ken Yasuda.
Japan, 2002.
Language: Japanese.
Download パコダテ人 / Pakodate-jin. 2002:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -2002.html




Valahol Európában / Somewhere in Europe. 1948.

HU. "Felnőtt. Ellenség. Könyörgöm, akasszuk fel" - visítja a filmben egy szeplős kis csibész, mikor a rongyos, árva gyerekek egy csapata megtalálja a neves karmestert rejtekhelyén, egy rombadőlt kastélyban. A zene és a személyiség varázsa és jósága azonban minden korlátot ledöntve bizonyítja, a halál és a gyermek csak a háborúban jelenthet egyet. Felejthetetlen alakítások, merész montázstechnika, költői flash backek emelték ezt a megrázóan humanista filmet a világ filmművészetének élvonalába.
EN. Somewhere in Europe (Hungarian: Valahol Európában) is a 1948 Hungarian drama film directed by Géza von Radványi. It depicts the aftermath of World War II and specifically the lives of a gang of orphaned children in a postwar setting. The gang of children steal, cheat, and pillage due largely to the harsh circumstances and the world around them. The film has been compared to Italian neorealism.
A band of runaways and orphans of the war scour the countryside in search of food and shelter. They invade and then taken in by a musician and former concert pianist who's hiding out in a ruined castle. After the initial altercation between them the gang accepts his guidance and he wins their respect by protecting them from the elements. However, disgruntled townsfolk want to chase away the gang who has been - in their search for survival - laying waste to their crops. A battle ensues ending in the death of a little boy - and resolution.
Director: Géza von Radványi.
Cast: Artúr Somlay, Miklós Gábor, Zsuzsa Bánki, György Bárdy, László Horváth, István Rozsos, László Kemény, Abraham Ronai, György Bodó, Károly Bicskey.
Hungary, 1948.
Language: Hungarian.
Subtitles: Russians.
Download Valahol Európában / Somewhere in Europe. 1948:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … urope.html




Die Liebesquelle / The Fountain of Love. 1966.

DE. Die Liebesquelle ist ein österreichischer Spielfilm von Ernst Hofbauer aus dem Jahr 1965 mit Ann Smyrner, Hans-Jürgen Bäumler und Sieghardt Rupp in den Hauptrollen. Das Drehbuch verfasste Walter Schneider. In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kam der Streifen am 20. Januar 1966 erstmals in die Kinos.
Um den Tourismus im Städtchen Jonkborn anzukurbeln, gräbt der stellvertretende Bürgermeister eine alte Sage aus. Demnach soll sich im Ort eine Liebesquelle befinden, die den Männern gesteigerte Potenz und den Frauen Schönheit bescheren soll. Schon bald stürmen Touristen den kleinen Ort und bringen das Nachtleben gehörig durcheinander…
EN. In this comedy, set in an Austrian mountain village, the town leaders conspire to attract tourists by touting a mythical "fountain of love" that runs nearby the village. When the minister of tourism discovers this, she immediately sends her agents to check out the veracity of the potentially scandalous water. After the village mayor declares a 3-day ban on sexual activity, he then plugs up the fountain. When the agents come, they find nothing. One of the agents wants to have his boss come and check it out personally, but changes his mind after he drinks some of the water. It really is an aphrodisiac! Soon tourists are arriving by the hundreds to sample the mysterious water. Unfortunately, the minister finds out and claims the water for the state
Director: Ernst Hofbauer.
Cast: Hans-Jürgen Bäumler, Sieghardt Rupp, Eddi Arent, Ann Smyrner, Hartmut Hinrichs, Christa Linder, Christiane Rücker, Marianne Schönauer, Walter Buschhoff.
Austria, 1966.
Language: German.
Download Die Liebesquelle / The Fountain of Love. 1966:
https://nelion.me/fftlo9io4c6j/Die-Lieb … 6.rar.html




Anthology of short films. Part 64.

A new issue of the anthology of short films number 64. Today the collection contains 10 fresh mini-films from around the world.
1. Letizia. 2013.
Letizia is a young woman whose childhood was snatched by a ruthless father who cares because of his illness. Andrew clings to the only silent witness of his drama, his teddy bear called cremita.
Director: Nico Chacón.
Cast: Ana Chacón, Carlos Adrián Chacón, Daniela Chacón, Gabriela Chacón, Leticia Chacón, Laura Maldonado.
Spain, 2013.
Language: Spanish.
2. Rita Koeling. 2002.
Film about the timid boy Anton, who for the first time in his life falls madly in love with one of his classmates.
Director: Hubert Pouille.
Cast: Manon von Liebenstein, Jim van der Panne, Unna Huijsman, Barry Atsma.
Netherlands, 2002.
Language: Dutch.
3. Last day. 2009.
Kishinev. 1990 year. The head of the family is going to go with his family for permanent residence in Israel.
Director: Yevgeny Herzenstein.
Moldavia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
Subtitles: Hebrew, English.
4. Vizsgálat / Examination. 2016.
High school students are bullied at the school boy...
Director: Fekete Tamás.
Hungary, 2016.
Language: Hungarian.
Subtitles: English.
5. These Things Take Time. 2018.
An eight-year-old boy experiences his first heartbreak when he falls in love with his male third-grade teacher.
Director: Jerell Rosales.
Cast: Zackary Arthur, Timothy Cole, Jason Heymann, Samantha Krull, Makana Say, Jack McGraw, Meilee Condron, Ashley Ledbetter, Annmarie Nitti, Aiden Arthur, Alexa Brosamle, Chase Brosamle, Akinyele Caldwell, Zoey Gale, Kaylynn Gardner.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x804 HD
6. The Boy in the Ocean. 2016.
The 12-year-old German boy, Mathias, discovers his sexuality on a sailing boat i Denmark. Surrounded by water, trapped on the boat with his parents, who still treat him like a child, his desire is to get on land to have new experiences. His desire grows, when he gets fascinated by a Danish girl in the harbor.
Director: Friedrich Tiedtke.
Denmark, 2016.
1280х528 HD
7. Stejně Jako Já / Just Like Me. 2012.
A boy takes his younger brother shooting when his mother leaves them home alone.
Directors: Deana Disalvio, Michael Freise.
Czech Republic, 2012.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: English.
8. A Better Tomorrow. 2013.
In the near future when water is scarce, Shin and Myra, two orphans following in their scientist father's footsteps, develop a technology that could turn the tides of time and heal the earth. But when dark forces kidnap them in an attempt to steal their father's invention, the device is mistakenly activated and a mysterious power unleashed. While trying to escape their captors, they are magically transported on a voyage out of this world.
Director: Hikari.
Japan, 2013.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English.
1280х720 HD
9. Millimeterle. 2016.
X jumps first. Down in the water, he's not allowed to change position. The goal for Y and Z is to jump as close as possible to X. The one who jumps closest to X wins the game. Measuring their power and proving themselves is part of the boys' everyday life. Even for the 13-year old gentle-natured Yannik. Until his best friend's upcoming sexual curiosity suddenly puts him in a threatening situation. Where is the line between game and reality and what happens if that line is crossed?
Director: Pascal Reinmann.
Switzerland, 2016.
Language: Swiss German.
Subtitles: English.
1280х720 HD
10. Mécanomagie. 1996.
A landscape in which everything moves is afflicted with a figure which is in itself static, but which moves - a kind of mechanic man? In Mécanomagie both the borders of perception and (natural) laws are infringed so that something new may emerge: nature as a boundless state of ecstasy!
Director: Bady Minck.
Austria, Luxembourg, 1996.
Language: None.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 64:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … rt-64.html




Der neue heiße Sex-Report / The New Hot Report. 1971.

Full tltle: Der neue heiße Sex-Report - Was Männer nicht für möglich halten / The New Hot Report: What Men Don't Think Is Possible.
DE. Der neue heiße Sex-Report - Was Männer nicht für möglich halten (auch bekannt als Was Männer nicht für möglich halten oder als Maßlose Teenager) ist ein deutscher Film des Regisseurs Ernst Hofbauer aus dem Jahr 1971. Er ist eine Variante der erfolgreicheren Filmreihe Schulmädchen-Report (siehe Report-Film).
In elf Episoden erzählt dieser Film über das traurige Leben von Ehefrauen, die sich, gelangweilt von ihrem Ehepartner, in aufregende sexuelle Abenteuer eintauchen. Diese Frauen begehen Ehebrüche mit Männern verschiedenster Berufe, darunter Masseure, Postboten, Studenten und Bierfahrern. Alle diese Geschichten werden von Straßeninterviews zum Thema begleitet (im Stile angeblicher Reportagen).
Das Hauptplakat des Films zeigt die Schauspielerin Elke Botelhagen, die versucht, einen Postboten zu verführen. Die Schauspielerin erscheint jedoch nicht im Film.
EN. The dreary life of married women, who, bored by their spouse, fall into exciting sex adventures with other men.
Director: Ernst Hofbauer.
Cast: Astrid Frank, Eva Garden, Karin Götz, Elfi Helfrich, Romana Lizalova, Rosl Mayr, Marlene Rahn, Thomas Fischer, Helmut Früchtenicht, Helen Vita.
West Germany, 1971.
Language: Russian (German).
Download Der neue heiße Sex-Report / The New Hot Report. 1971:
https://nelion.me/mhntpxz4e4tc/Swinging … 1.rar.html




Demi-tarif / Half-Price. 2003. DVD.

FR. Demi-tarif est un film français écrit et réalisé par Isild Le Besco et sorti en 2003.
Isild Le Besco avait 16 ans quand elle a écrit le scénario.
Demi-tarif relate la vie d'une fratrie de trois enfants vivant seuls dans un appartement. Leur mère s'est absentée pendant plusieurs mois et ils doivent se débrouiller seuls. Ils n'aiment pas aller à l'école. Ils n'aiment pas dormir quand la ville dort. Ils aiment se promener dans Paris la nuit. Ils aiment aller au cinéma. Ils jouent à être des princes ou des princesses. Ils aiment sortir et vivre nus la nuit pour attraper froid. Ils aiment chiper des pommes ou des bonbons. Ils s'inventent une vie loin du monde des adultes.
EN. Demi-Tarif follows the low-key adventures of three young siblings, Romeo (Kolia Litscher), Launa (Lila Salet), and the youngest, Leo (Cindy David), left on their own in a rundown Paris apartment. One of them narrates, wistfully explaining how their mother abandoned them and calls them once in a while to see how they are doing or tell them she loves them. The three kids do as they please, roaming the streets, running out of restaurants without paying for food, and shoplifting from the local grocery store. They eat whatever and whenever they want, gorging themselves on sweets. They beg for change on the Metro and show up late for school in tattered, dirty clothes. All the while, they try to keep the fact that they are alone a secret from the world of adults.
Director: Isild Le Besco.
Cast: Cindy David, Kolia Litscher, Lila Salet.
France, 2003.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, Russian.
Download DVD Demi-tarif / Half-Price. 2003:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … 3-dvd.html




Devichya nagota. 2004. DVD.

A documentary film shot by a hidden camera on the beaches of the Black Sea.
Director: Sergey Loginov.
Russia, Kinokompaniya Klubnichka (Unicaleta pintores), 2004.
Format : DVD / 720x576
Duration : 120 min
File Size : 3760 MB
Download DVD Devichya nagota. 2004:
https://nelion.me/j9t61dp8afg1/Devichya … 4.rar.html




Cría cuervos / Raise Ravens. 1976.

ES. Ana recuerda todo lo ocurrido desde de la muerte de su padre, veinte años antes. Su hija, de nueve años, cree tener poder sobre la vida y la muerte de quienes viven con ella. Hay otro poder que Ana cree poseer: el de invocar la presencia de su madre. Con ella, muerta hace años, revive una relación llena de ternura y, a veces, de dominio.
EN. Cría Cuervos (Raise ravens) is a 1976 Spanish drama film directed by Carlos Saura. The film is an allegorical drama about an eight-year-old girl dealing with loss. Highly acclaimed, it received the Special Jury Prize Award at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.
In Madrid, the orphan sisters Irene, Ana and Maite are raised by their austere aunt Paulina together with their mute and crippled grandmother after the death of their mother and their military father Anselmo. Ana is a melancholic girl, fascinated by death, after seeing her mother having a painful death and her father dead in bed.
Director: Carlos Saura.
Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Mónica Randall, Florinda Chico, Ana Torrent, Héctor Alterio, Germán Cobos, Mirta Miller, Josefina Díaz, Conchita Pérez, Mayte Sanchez, Juan Sánchez Almendros.
Spain, 1976.
Language: Spanish, English, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Cría cuervos / Raise Ravens. 1976:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1976.html




Galitsin-news Video, Full Collection. Part-12.

Полная коллекция видео Григория Галицына. Чксть-12.
10 Clips:
154 - While the girlfriend is not at home [Part 1] Starring : Liza - Sandra
157 - While the girlfriend is not at home [Part 2] Starring : Alice - Liza - Sandra - Valentina
159 - Boat Trip Starring : Abelina - Valentina
160 - Experienced Dressmaker Starring : Alice - Alina - Valentina
162 - Gifts from Santa Starring : Alexa - Masha
163 - Meeting Russian Winter Starring : Nusia
165 - Ferry Starring : Katia - Liza - Valentina
166 - Bast whisp between the legs Starring : Alexa - Masha
169 - Dreams in reality Starring : Sandra
173 - Florist Starring : Elle
Format : WMV / 640x480 - 768х576
Duration : 99 min
File Size : 1290 MB
Download Galitsin-news Video, Full Collection. Part-12:




Lus / Lice. 1983.

Lus er en dansk børnefilm fra 1983 instrueret af Anette Pilmark og efter manuskript af Anette Pilmark og Per Schultz.
Lisa er 6 1/2 år gammel og går i børnehave. En dag får hun lus. Filmen viser, hvordan kammeraterne og de voksne omgivelser reagerer.
Director: Anette Pilmark.
Cast: Julie Find, Jesper Bredgaard, Anna Emilie Graae, Ivan Harsløf, Jonas Preisler, Iben Wurbs, Gunvor Bjerre.
Denmark, 1983.
Language: Danish.
1920x1080 HD
Download Lus / Lice. 1983:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … 83-hd.html




Sunde børn / Healthy children. 1943. HD.

DK. Propagandafilm for en sundere børneforplejning af lege- og skolebørn, såvel med hensyn til kosten som til påklædning og renlighed.
EN. Propaganda film for a healthier child care of play and school children, both in terms of diet and clothing and cleanliness.
Director: Karl Roos.
Script: Aage Gullestrup.
Denmark, Minerva Film, 1943.
Language: Danish.
1920x1080 HD
Download Sunde børn / Healthy children. 1943:



Nude Beaches. Jackass 6.
Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 940 MB
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Nude Beaches. Jackass 7.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 54 min
File Size : 850 MB
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Beachfly's Tropical Beach Beauties 2.

Format : AVI / 720x400
Duration : 36 min
File Size : 1040 MB




Mrs. Brooks Nude Beach Day. Part-1.

Nude beaches.
Format : WMV / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 19 min
File Size : 880 MB
https://nelion.me/ue6llttn853y/Brooks-N … 1.rar.html




Mrs. Brooks Nude Beach Day. Part-2.

Nude beaches.
Format : WMV / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 16 min
File Size : 850 MB
Download Mrs. Brooks Nude Beach Day. Part-2:
https://nelion.me/5ij0w0m8lhek/Brooks-N … 2.rar.html




Das Eismeer ruft. 1984. HD.

DE. Das Eismeer ruft ist ein deutscher Kinderfilm der DEFA von Jörg Foth aus dem Jahr 1984. Er beruht auf dem gleichnamigen Kinderbuch von Alex Wedding.
Prag 1934. Fünf Kinder hören in ihrem selbstgebastelten Radio die Nachricht, daß der Eisbrecher "Tscheljuskin" im Packeis des Polarmeeres liegengeblieben ist. Spontan beschließen sie, die Schiffbrüchigen zu retten. Aber schon bald gerät ihre Expedition in eine Sackgasse. Ein sympathischer Film über den Idealismus der Kindheit, der durch seine ruhige Erzählweise allerdings konzentriertes Hinsehen voraussetzt.
EN. This children's adventure movie is a charming tale of a group of youngsters in Prague who hear that Soviet sailors abandoned their failing ship in the Arctic Sea before it went down, but no one had been able to find the sailors yet. Inspired by the efforts to save the men, the youngsters strike out on their own to help in the rescue attempt. One child is in charge of making the potato pancakes, one is in charge of the compass, and others all have their particular tasks to handle. Their progress toward the Arctic Sea is necessarily slow, whether by foot or cart or train, and they have to hole up in a relative's country cottage to spend their first night away from home. Meanwhile, worried parents have been to the authorities and a hunt is on for the children that parallels the hunt for the seamen. The children hear that they have been reported missing in the news on the radio, and they decide to turn back -- not because they have done anything wrong, but because they have to go through a dark tunnel to continue their journey -- and they are all afraid of the dark. Except for a bit of serious footage on the ship and sailors lost at sea -- which detracts from the focus of this story, the film is entertaining for adults and children alike.
Director: Jörg Foth.
Cast: Oliver Karsitz, Alexander Rohde, Vivian Schmidt, Thomas Gutzeit, Oliver Peuser, Ilja Kriwoluzky, Heide Kipp, Ute Lubosch, Marie Gruber, Gabriela Wilhelmová, Carl Heinz Choynski, Zdenek Srstka, Thomas Plenert, Hannes Stelzer.
DDR, DEFA, 1984.
Language: German.
1280x720 HD
Download Das Eismeer ruft. 1984:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … 84-hd.html




Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Part 11.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 63 min
File Size : 890 MB
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Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Part 10.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 61 min
File Size : 870 MB
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Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Parts 3, 12, 14, 15.

Overview nude beaches in Europe with a hidden HD camera - nudists, naturists and just naked vacationers.
Format : MP4 / 1920x1080 HD
Duration : 18 min
File Size : 660 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Part-3.
Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 860 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2014. Part-12.
Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 61 min
File Size : 950 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2014. Part-14.
Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 59 min
File Size : 910 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2014. Part-15.




Kapteinis Džeks / Kapitan Dzhek. 1972.

LV. Meitenīte Žeņa sapņo kļūt par jūrnieci. Viņa valkā jūrnieku strīpaino kreklu, jūrnieku cepuri un visu savu brīvo laiku kopā ar zēniem pavada vecajā šonerī \"Signāls\", kas ir pietauvots krastā. Par savām jūras lietu zināšanām viņa ieguvusi iesauku \"Kapteinis Džeks\". Kad veco kuģi nolemj nodot lūžņos, mazie jūrnieki dodas ar šoneri bangojošā jūrā, jo uzskata, ka kuģis-veterāns nav pelnījis tādu likteni. Ar šo kuģi kara laikā no ienaidnieku gūsta aizmuka padomju jūrnieki, kuru vidū bija arī Žeņas tēvs. Ostas priekšniecība nolemj palīdzēt skolēniem organizēt pionieru jūras klubu, kam arī nodod varonīgo šoneri.
EN. Girl Žeņa dreams of becoming a sailor. She wears a sailor's shirt, a sailor's hat, and all her free time with her boys in his old baton. She got the nickname "Captain Jack" for her marine knowledge. When an old ship decides to scrap it, the small sailors go with a barge in the wading sea because they think the ship-veteran doesn't deserve such a fate. With this ship the Soviet sailors, who were also the father of Jean, were thrown out of the enemy during the war. The harbor chief decides to help the pupils organize a pioneer marine club, which is also handed over to the heroic baton.
Director: Ada Armīda Neretniece.
Cast: Inga Mickīte, Marija Podgurska, Donāts Baņonis, Raimonds Brikšķis, Einārs Piekuss, Aivars Lipšāns, Vaidevutis Mickītis, Valdemārs Zandbergs, Aivars Liepiņš, Harijs Šadovskis, Lauris Krumovičs, Nils Ceimurs.
USSR, Rīgas kinostudija, 1972.
Language: Russian.
Download Kapteinis Džeks / Kapitan Dzhek. 1972:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1972.html




Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Part-2.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 61 min
File Size : 860 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2015. Part-2:




El castillo de la pureza / The Castle of Purity. 1973. DVD.

ES. Un hombre afectado de sus facultades mentales mantiene encerrada a su familia por 18 años en una casona en la Ciudad de México.
Basada en hechos de la vida real, es uno de los films más conocidos del director Arturo Ripstein y del actor Claudio Brook que interpreta a Gabriel Lima, un hombre que aparentemente vive sólo en una casona en la Ciudad de México donde fabríca raticida, el cual vende a pequeños negocios.
Sin embargo lo que ninguno sabe, es que desde hace 18 años mantiene a su familia encerrada, su esposa Beatriz (Rita Macedo), y a sus tres hijos: Porvenir (Arturo Beristaín), Utopía (Diana Bracho) y la pequeña Voluntad (Gladys Bermejo).
Gabriel es muy estricto con ellos, los hace trabajar en su taller y diariamente los somete a sesiones de ejercicio, estudio y una comida basada solo en vegetales, ya que la carne está prohibida, pero lo más importante, los mantiene alejados del mundo exterior porque él cree que es dañino y corrupto, además por la más mínima distracción los castiga encerrándoles en un pequeño cuarto.
La historia esta basada en eventos de la vida real documentados en periodicos de 1959. Rafael Pérez Hernández, mantuvo encerrada a su familia por 15 años en una vieja casona estilo europeo en esquina de Insurgentes Norte y Godard en la ciudad de México conocida como “Casa de los Macetones”. Sus hijos de nombres Soberano, Librepensador, Indómita, Triunfador y Bienvivir, corresponden a su visión utópica de la vida.
EN. The Castle of Purity (Spanish: El castillo de la pureza) is a 1972 Mexican drama film directed by Arturo Ripstein.
The story of a disciplined and sexually driven man who keeps his family isolated in his home for years to protect them from the "evil nature" of human beings while inventing (with his wife) rat poison.
Director: Arturo Ripstein.
Cast: Claudio Brook, Rita Macedo, Arturo Beristáin, Diana Bracho, Gladys Bermejo, David Silva, María Rojo, María Guadalupe Delgado, Mario Castillón Bracho, Andrea del Llano.
Mexico, 1973.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download DVD El castillo de la pureza / The Castle of Purity. 1973:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … le-of.html




Rispondetemi. 1992.

As the paramedics pry her hand apart from her dead lover's grip a woman's life flashes before her eyes. Racing to the hospital the stunning skies and rooftops of Montreal from the back of the ambulance are inter-cut with the most exquisitely cinematic memories.
Director: Léa Pool.
Cast: Anne Dorval, Marcel Gauthier, Élise Guilbault, Sylvie Legault, Karine Mercier.
Canada, 1992.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
Download Rispondetemi. 1992:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1992.html




Tom et Lola / Tom and Lola. 1990. HD & DVD.

FR. Tom et Lola est un film français réalisé par Bertrand Arthuys, sorti en 1990.
Tom et Lola sont deux enfants-bulle de 9 ans, qui, depuis leur naissance, sont coupés du monde à cause de leur déficience immunitaire. Ils vivent nus, sans cheveux, dans deux bulles de plastique, entourés de l'affection de leur entourage, et attendant désespérément un remède à leur maladie. Cependant, ils construisent ensemble un monde onirique, communiquent avec un code secret et décident un jour, profitant de circonstances favorables, de réaliser leur rêve, atteindre l'Alaska où l'air est si pur qu'ils n'auront plus peur des microbes. Ils s'enfuient donc un soir de l'hôpital et commencent leur aventure merveilleuse pleine de péripéties.
EN. Tom et Lola (English: Tom and Lola) is a French film about two ten-year-olds who have always lived isolated in sterile, hermetically sealed plastic bubbles due to an (unspecified) immune-deficiency disease. However, neither their environment or the hospital technicians can keep down the indomitable spirit of these children. Nor can anything stop their quest to one day run truly free, unbound by the medical shackles that bind them.
In this allegorical children's melodrama, nine-year old Tom and Lola (Neil Stubbs and Melodie Colin) have been kept in super-sanitary conditions all their lives, and have only rarely ventured outside their clinical environment wrapped in plastic. They have been told that they have a radical immune deficiency, and will die if exposed to a normal environment. Surreptitiously, they begin to test the truth of this assertion by escaping from supervision in the middle of the night, and discover that whatever their adult captors believe, they are just fine. One day they escape for good.
Trivia: Late in the film when the pair are traveling, they come upon a group of siblings who are all completely naked in their own home. Despite claims to the contrary, this is perfectly normal for European preteens.
Director: Bertrand Arthuys.
Cast: Cécile Magnet, Marc Berman, Catherine Frot, Celian Varini, Neil Stubbs, Mélodie Collin, Sophie Arthuys, Olivier Belmont, Nadia Chapuis, Edouard Dequesne, Nicolas Haure, Quiterie Lejosne, Junior John Levis, Gwenaelle Quelme, Janine Souchon.
France, 1990.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Tom et Lola / Tom and Lola. 1990. HD:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … d-dvd.html
Download DVD Tom et Lola / Tom and Lola. 1990:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … 0-dvd.html




Európa messze van / Europe Is Far Away. 1995. 6 episodes.

HU. A film a Ceausescu-rendszer utolsó évében játszódik. Főszereplője a tízéves Petru, aki értelmiségi szüleivel egy kis hegyi faluban él. Az apát ellenzéki magatartása miatt folyamatosan zaklatják, lassan már élete is veszélybe kerül.
EN. The story starts in Romania in the last years of the Ceaucescu regime. The main character of the film is Petru, a ten-year-old Romanian boy. His world is one of action and dreams but, at the same time, presents an authentic vista of contemporary Central Europe. All the events are shown through his eyes. His odyssey is an amusing and grotesque tale of survival as well as a parable on the survival of the human spirit. He comes to grips with a hostile world with both humour and rage, imagination and innocence. Petru lives with his vegetarian father Mihai and his pianist mother Daniela, in a small idyllic village in the Carpathian Mountains. His best friends are his dog Ursu, with whom he shares all his joys and sorrows, and the buffalo Florica. One day the family has to leave the country for political reasons. A long journey to freedom full of thrills and adventures begins, which first leads them from Hungary to Austria. Here they are sent to a refugee camp where Petru's parents are classified as economic refugees because they have no documents; they are be deported back to Romania. Petru flees on his own and has to encounter a number of dangerous situations. But there are also glimmers of hope when an old stationmaster and his wife from a tiny Bavarian village adopt him, nurse him back to health and enable him to integrate into a new community. But here too, the police are already on his tail...
Director: Barna Kabay, Petényi Katalin.
Cast: Levente Tamási, Géza Kaszás, Denisa Dér, Ferenc Zenthe, Hédi Temessy, Zoltán Gulyás Kiss, János Koltai, Balázs Mészáros, Ádám Rajhona.
Hungary, 1995.
Language: Hungarian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Európa messze van / Europe Is Far Away. 1995. 6 episodes:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -away.html




Moscow Nudists in Serebryanny Bor. Real amateur hidden camera. Part-4.

Format : WMV / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 22 min
File Size : 480 MB
Download Moscow Nudists in Serebryanny Bor. Part-4:




Purenudism. Our Scenic Greek Villa. Part-2.

Format : WMV / 960 x 540 HD
Duration : 22 min
File Size : 940 MB
Download Purenudism. Our Scenic Greek Villa. Part-2:



  http://img287.imagevenue.com/loc395/th_467656020_0201_123_395lo.jpg http://img243.imagevenue.com/loc5/th_676561329_1358_123_5lo.jpg

Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part 43.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 62 min
File Size : 1290 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part-43:




Zhivaya raduga / Living Rainbow. 1982.

Based on the works of the writer Nikolai Nosov.
Every morning Misha and Katya go to school where their teacher teaches them to love and understand nature. When Misha's favorite duck dies in a car accident, they build an incubator to save future ducks.
The film “Living Rainbow” is the directorial debut of Natalia Bondarchuk. The film is unique in that sings of earthly love for animals and nature.
Director: Natalya Bondarchuk.
Cast: Roman Generalov, Yekaterina Lychyova, Yelizaveta Volkova, Nikolay Burlyaev, Natalya Bondarchuk, Stefaniya Stanyuta, Inna Makarova, Arnis Licitis, Alyona Bondarchuk.
USSR,  Kinostudiya imeni M. Gorkogo, 1982.
Language: Russian.
Download Zhivaya raduga / Living Rainbow. 1982:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1982.html




Du er ikke alene / You are not alone. 1978. HD.

DK. Du er ikke alene er en dansk film fra 1978. Filmen er instrueret af Lasse Nielsen og Ernst Johansen, og manuskriptet er af Lasse Nielsen og Bent Pedersen. Filmen havde premiere den 23. februar 1978.
Filmen foregår på en dansk drengeefterskole hvor en af drengene, Bo (Anders Agensø), opdager sin kærlighed for forstanderens yngste søn, Kim (Peter Bjerg), da begge påbegynder en rejse af seksuel udforskning med hinanden. I en ikke-relateret hændelse bliver en elev udvist for at vise pornografiske plakater, hvorefter de andre elever beslutter sig for at protestere og gå i strejke. Kim og Bo beslutter sig for at komme ud af skabet foran forældre og klassekammerater og viser en film de har lavet om deres forhold, der afsluttes med en lang og følelsesladet kyssescene.
Overgreb på børneskuespillere:
I foråret 2018 er det kommet frem i medierne, at mange af børneskuespillerne, både drenge og piger, som var med i filmen, skal være blevet krænket og seksuelt misbrugt under filmoptagelserne. Misbruget skal være begået af de to instruktører Lasse Nielsen og Ernst Johansen.
EN. You Are Not Alone (Danish: Du er ikke alene) is a 1978 Danish coming-of-age film written by Lasse Nielsen and Bent Petersen, directed by Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen and produced by Steen Herdel.
Set in a Danish all-boys boarding school, one of the boys, Bo (Anders Agensø), develops a special relationship with the headmaster's young son, Kim (Peter Bjerg). In the beginning of the film the headmaster is trying to get funding for a new gym for the school. The boarding school is likely a Christian one, as they have school prayer and the teachers keep referring to good Christian morals.
In another plotline, a troubled student is expelled for displaying sexually charged posters. Some of the students decide to protest this by walking-out of classes. The boy is eventually allowed to return to school so that he may graduate. At the year-end graduation ceremony, the boys present to the entire school and their families a short film they made by themselves based on the commandment "Love thy neighbour".
Sexual abuse:
In 2018 six male and sixteen female former child actors accused the two directors of sexual abuse during the production of You Are Not Alone and other films. The accusations were covered widely in Danish media, and Ernst Johansen admitted to having had sex with under-age female actors, but claims to not having been aware of the age of consent (15 years in Denmark), and that the girls made a pass on him first.
Directors: Lasse Nielsen, Ernst Johansen.
Cast: Anders Agensø, Peter Bjerg, Ove Sprogøe, Martin Højmark, Elin Reimer, Jan Jorgensen, Jørn Faurschou, Merete Axelberg, John Hahn-Petersen, Hugo Herrestrup, Beatrice Palner, Aske Jacoby, Ole Meyer.
Denmark, 1978.
Language: Danish, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
Download Du er ikke alene / You are not alone. 1978. HD:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … -1978.html




Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part 40.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 62 min
File Size : 1370 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part-40:



Ugotitflauntit com 2017. Raquel & Selena. Release 2017-12-01.
Real Girls On Vacation Take The FLAUNT IT!
Format : MP4 / 1920x1080 HD
Duration : 9 min
File Size : 690 MB
Download Raquel & Selena:
https://nelion.me/rrjqv59386ea/2017-11- … a.rar.html




Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. 1982. Episode 1.

In der fünfteiligen Romanverfilmung nach Thomas Mann geht es um den gutaussehenden Unternehmersohn Felix Krull. Der galante Lebemann hat eine Begabung dazu, sich durch Lügen und Tricksereien durchs Leben zu manövrieren. Er wickelt Frauen reihenweise um den Finger und drückt sich geschickt vor dem Militärdienst und anderen Unbequemlichkeiten des Alltags. So tritt Felix statt dem Dienst an der Waffe einen von seinem Patenonkel vermittelten Job in einem Hotel in Monte Carlo an. Hier beginnt nun sein Höhenflug in und mit der (zumeist weiblichen) Schickeria des Fürstentums.
Director: Bernhard Sinkel.
Cast: John Moulder-Brown, Magali Noël, Hans Heinz Moser, Pierre Doris, Alain Flick, Klaus Schwarzkopf, Daphne Wagner, Mareike Carrière, Franziska Walser, Rolf Zacher, Rita Tushingham.
Austria, West Germany, France, 1982.
Language: German, Russian.
Download Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. 1982. Episode 1:
https://rarefilmfinder.blogspot.com/201 … felix.html




Een vrouw als Eva / A Woman Like Eve. 1979.

A better version of this film was found.
NL. Een vrouw als Eva is een Nederlandse speelfilm uit 1979 onder regie van Nouchka van Brakel.
Het verhaal gaat over de huisvrouw Eefje, die getrouwd is met Ad en in een flat woont, samen met hun twee kinderen Sander en Britta. Eva is niet gelukkig met haar bestaan van huishouden, kinderen opvoeden en voor haar man zorgen. Na een uitbarsting bij haar moeder thuis op moederdag verrassen Ad en buurvrouw Sonja haar met een trip naar Zuid-Frankrijk. Als de beide vrouwen daar naar het strand gaan, ontmoet Eefje tijdens een zwempartijtje de Franse Liliane. Ze blijkt een lesbische vrouw, die met nog een aantal anderen in de commune La Corbeille woont. Eefje en Sonja gaan er kijken. Sonja vindt het niks, Eefje wordt aangetrokken door de eenvoudige leefstijl van de bewoners, en niet in de laatste plaats door Liliane, die haar Eva noemt, en haar omringt met aandacht. Eenmaal weer thuis kan Eva Liliane niet vergeten, en als Liliane vanwege een vrouwenfestival naar Nederland komt, besluit ze haar weer op te zoeken. Eva's gevoelens raken verward: wil ze verder met Liliane, of toch bij haar man blijven? Ze besluit voor het eerste te kiezen en Liliane achterna te reizen naar de commune Frankrijk. Na de scheiding van Ad worden de kinderen in eerste instantie aan haar toegewezen. Ad bouwt intussen een relatie op met buurvrouw Sonja.
Toch niet in harmonie met de hele situatie wordt Eva in Frankrijk steeds ongelukkiger. Terug in Nederland huurt ze een woonboot waar ook de kinderen bij haar zijn en waar ze Liliane kan ontvangen. Tijdens de voortslepende rechtszaak over hun echtscheiding worden de kinderen uiteindelijk bij Ad geplaatst, ook omdat die inmiddels met Sonja in ondertrouw is gegaan. Volgens zijn advocaat kunnen zo twee onvolledige gezinnen weer een gezin vormen. Eva is nu alleen, ze kan dus in principe doen wat ze wil. Liliane laat de keus helemaal van Eva afhangen. Ze besluit haar grote liefde te volgen. Eenmaal op het station blijft Eva op het perron een tijdlang staan. Stapt ze op de trein naar een nieuw leven? In de slotscene zien we de trein wegrijden waarna Eva zich omdraait en het perron afloopt.
EN. A Woman Like Eve (Dutch: Een vrouw als Eva) is a 1979 Dutch drama film about a woman who leaves her husband for another woman. The film was directed by Nouchka van Brakel; Monique van de Ven stars in the title role of Eve, with Peter Faber as her husband Ad and Maria Schneider as Liliane, who becomes Eve's lover. The plot focusses on the child custody battle that ensues after Eve leaves her husband.
The film had festival showings at FILMEX: Los Angeles International Film Exposition (Contemporary Cinema) (1980); San Francisco International Gay Film Festival (1981), and Gay & Lesbian Media Coalition's "Out on the Screen" Festival (1992). The film was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 52nd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.
Director: Nouchka van Brakel.
Cast: Monique van de Ven, Maria Schneider, Marijke Merckens, Peter Faber, Renee Soutendijk, Anna Knaup, Mike Bendig, Truus Dekker, Helen van Meurs, Ben Hulsman, Karin Meerman.
Netherlands, 1979.
Language: Dutch, English, French.
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Ugotitflauntit com 2017. Raquel & Selena. Part-2. Release 2017-12-01.
Real Girls On Vacation Take The FLAUNT IT!
Format : MP4 / 1920x1080 HD
Duration : 5 min
File Size : 400 MB
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Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part 39.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 1330 MB
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ป่า / The Forest. 2016. HD.

TH. เป็นหนังผีที่แหวกขนบหนังผีแบบไทยๆ หลายแง่มุม ซึ่งเล่าผ่านมุมมองของผู้กำกับชาวอังกฤษ พอล สเปอร์เรียร์ (Paul Spurrier) ที่อยู่ในไทยมากว่า 10 ปี โดยหนังได้ติดตามชายหนุ่มที่เพิ่งออกจากร่มกาสาวพัสตร์มาเป็นครูยังภาคอีสาน ดินแดนที่มีเรื่องเล่าถึงผีและวิญญาณมากมาย ซึ่งหนึ่งในลูกศิษย์เป็นเด็กหญิงที่ไม่ยอมพูดกับใคร และมักถูกเพื่อนร่วมชั้นรังแก จนทำให้ครูมือใหม่ต้องยื่นมือเข้าช่วย
หนังเล่าถึงขั้วที่แตกต่างโดยใช้ครูหนุ่มและเด็กหญิงเป็นตัวเปรียบเทียบ แม้ว่าทั้งคู่ต้องเผชิญเรื่องราวร้ายๆ ที่มาพิสูจน์ความอดทนเช่นกัน แต่ครูหนุ่มก็พยายามปรับตัวเข้าหาโลกความเป็นจริงหลังจากที่ใช้ชีวิตในโลกอุดมคติมานาน ในขณะที่เด็กหญิงพยายามหลีกหนีจากความจริงอันโหดร้ายเข้าสู่โลกแห่งจินตนาการในป่า โดยมีเด็กหนุ่มลึกลับเป็นเพื่อน
ประเด็นน่าสนใจสะท้อนผ่านหนังเรื่องนี้ ทั้งการปะทะกันของความจริงกับจินตนาการ การต่อสู้เพื่ออุดมการณ์กับการใช้อำนาจอย่างไร้เหตุผล บทบาทหน้าที่ซึ่งสังคมกำหนดกับความต้องการที่แท้จริงของแต่ละคน ความอัปลักษณ์ของภูติผีกับจิตใจที่ดำทมิฬของมนุษย์ การอยู่รอดของคนชายขอบ ความรัก ความตาย ความเศร้า และการยึดติด แต่ทั้งหมดนี้อยู่รวมกันอย่างปนเปและบางครั้งไม่มีการสานต่อ จนทำให้บางประเด็นสื่อสารได้ไม่คมเท่าที่ควร
EN. The villagers may be afraid of the forest, but little Ja knows how to deal with it...
A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand. He has just left the monkhood and has taken a job at the local school in a quest to discover life outside the monastery. He finds that one of his pupils is a mute girl who is being bullied by the other children in the class. Both the teacher and the girl must face the challenges and cruelties of the real world. The girl retreats into a fantasy world, finding solace in the forest with a strange wild boy. The teacher struggles to bring her back, whilst at the same time himself questioning the world of reality. The worlds of fantasy and reality clash with tragic consequences.
Director: Paul Spurrier.
Cast: Tanapol Kamkunkam, Thidarat Kongkaew, Natpatson Lhakkum, Vithaya Pansringarm, Asanee Suwan, Pongsanart Vinsiri, Ramphai Wintawong, Wannasa Wintawong.
Thailand, 2016.
Language: Thai.
Subtitles: English, German.
1920x1080 HD
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Ugotitflauntit com 2017. Jammu & Raula. Release 2017-07-05.
Real Girls On Vacation Take The FLAUNT IT!
Format : MP4 / 1920x1080 HD
Duration : 4 min
File Size : 310 MB
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Anthology of short films. Part 65.

The new issue of the anthology of short films number 65. Today the collection contains 8 minifilms both old and new, both documentaries and feature films from around the world.
1. Zamki na peske. 1968.
The poetic world of ten-year-old Kanatbek, who is building sandcastles, is confronted with the prose of the real world.
Directors: Yakov Bronstein, Algimantas Vidugiris.
USSR, Kirghizfilm, 1968.
Language: Russian.
2. Clinical examination of the child.
Director: Peter Coltman.
USA, University of Leeds, 2003.
3. Kuda poydyot Roma? 1985.
A documentary film from the series of newsreel "Soviet Sport" about boys who have not passed the selection of sports schools of the Olympic reserve.
Director: L. Danilov.
USSR, CSDF, 1985.
Language: Russian.
4. Making Maasai Men: Growing Courage Toward Circumcision. 2006.
In 1998, anthropologist Barbara Hoffman worked with a team of Maasai junior elders in Kisamis, a community in the Rift Valley of southern Kenya. All members of the team stressed the importance of the stages of the life cycle and the resulting changes to their status as they progress from children to adult Maasai elders. A male's transition from one step to another is celebrated as his masculine character is molded, honed and refined. Some of these stages are marked by ritual or ceremony, including shaving the hair, circumcision, and marriage. Shows an actual circumcision ceremony.
Director: Barbara G. Hoffman.
Language: English, Maasai.
Subtitles: English.
USA, 2006.
5. Man of The House. 2017.
Comedy and drama collide when a father tries to discipline his unruly child.
Director: Jall Cowasji.
Cast: Arunoday Singh, Meher Mistry, Rustom Tirandaz, Aarushi Jain, Henry Dada, Durga.
Language: English, Hindi.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
6. I Was in Your Blood. 2018.
A young boy falls in love with his babysitter.
Director: Joseph Sackett.
Cast: Colby Minifie, Tre Ryder, Inna Swinton.
1280x720 HD
7. Marc Jacobs. 2014.
A short film about a young boy living in Amsterdam Noord who longs to go on holiday to Morocco with his father.
Director: Sam de Jong.
Cast: Ruhi Belkadi, Oussama Addi, Chaalisa Belkadi, Achraf Meziani.
Netherlands, 2014.
Language: Dutch.
960x720 HD
8. Onán. 2002.
His father caught his 12-year-old son behind masturbation over a pornographic magazine, which he traded from his classmates for cigarettes. He does not punish him, but purposely asserts: "If you do this fifty times - you will die" The boy stretched his pleasure as much as he could for 49 times, and prepared for the sad outcome of tuning for the 50th.
Directors: Abraham López Feria, Pablo Tébar.
Cast: Christian Bautista, Sonia Castelo, Juanjo Cucalón, Daniel Esparza.
Spain, 2002.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
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