На самом краешке скамьи / Au bout du bout du banc.
Безбашенный режмссёрский кинодебют Кассовица о гулянке, посвящённой 90-летию главы семейства Оппенгеймов Исаака, на которую собрались 4 поколения родственников. У всех свои проблемы, свой груз воспоминаний, явных и тайных связей, в общем большой сбор еврейского семейства прошёл удачно и весело...
Four generations of Oppenheim men gather in Paris for Isaac's 90th birthday. He's "Romeo," still a lady's man, waiting to hear from a woman to whom he has proposed, threatening suicide if she says no. They gather at Isaac's grandson's, Ben, who lives with Peggy and their son Mathias who's 10. Joining them, from Israel, is Isaac's son Elie. Against a backdrop of Elie's attempts to call his ex-wife, Ben and Peggy's marital difficulties, Mathias's budding sexuality, everyone's love of chess and practical jokes, Ben's house (shifting dangerously on its foundation), and the twentieth-century struggles of the Jews, the film explores their relationships and Isaac's aging.
Режиссер: Петер Кассовиц / Peter Kassovitz.
В ролях: Victor Lanoux, Джейн Биркин / Jane Birkin, Georges Wilson, Henri Crémieux, Матье Кассовиц / Mathieu Kassovitz, Patrick Chesnais, Max Vialle, Georges Staquet, Yvonne Clech, Chloé Caillat, Fred Pasquali, Florence Giorgetti, Jean-Pierre Coffe, Patrice Minet, Odette Laure, André Thorent, Françoise Bertin, Rosine Young, Nathalie Guérin, Christian Varini, José Madeira, Caroline Cartier.
Франция, 1979.
Язык: французский, без перевода.
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На самом краешке скамьи / Au bout du bout du banc. 1979.